RUWT? Sports is a technology company committed to ensuring sports fans never miss an exciting game.

Core to our business are our patent-pending engine able to identify appealing sporting events in real time, and our pattern-matching system able to decipher for each Postal and ZIP Code in the U.S. and Canada, for each satellite and cable provider, exactly which games each fan can actually watch.

Are You Watching This?!, launched in 2007, takes our core technologies and acts as No-Hitter through 7, Playoff Shootout, and Triple OT Insurance for fans who are tired of actively hunting for epic games. Deciphering through up to 500 games a day, and 2.4M combinations of cable/satellite provider lineups, it lets sports fans know when when to hustle to the couch.

This unique technology is also provided to sports bars across North America via a customized, monthly subscription at The Sports Bar Project. No longer having to surf through channels to placate rowdy fans, sports bar managers have a customized dashboard slotting and scheduling all of their TVs, maximizing excitement for and loyalty from their customers.